Dr Hamid Ohadi

Dr Hamid Ohadi


I am a lecturer in physics at the University of St Andrews. My interests fall into the broad scheme of photonics and quantum science, specifically, light-matter interaction in microcavities and nonlinearities at the single-particle limit. I lead the Quantum Light Matter group, which currently look at strong light-matter interaction in novel materials and exploiting it for new quantum technologies.

I completed my BSc in physics (2003) at Sharif University in Tehran, Iran, where my passion for quantum science was ignited. My academic journey led me to pursue a PhD (2008) focused on trapping and laser cooling of calcium ions in a Penning trap at Imperial College London. Subsequently, I embarked on a postdoctoral research position at the University of Southampton (2009), where my work centered on the trapping and cooling of rubidium atoms.

While I greatly valued my experiences in the field of cold atoms, I felt compelled to explore new horizons where I could have a more substantial impact. This prompted me to pivot my career towards the captivating realm of strong light-matter coupling, with a specific focus on exciton-polaritons, during my time at Southampton. This transition necessitated an extensive process of acquiring fresh knowledge and expertise, which I found intellectually stimulating and invigorating.

I continued my academic journey with a subsequent postdoctoral position at the University of Cambridge. Eventually, in 2018, I embraced a lectureship role at the University of St Andrews. Since then, my research has been dedicated to the fascinating world of strong light-matter interactions, particularly involving Rydberg excitons and two-dimensional materials.

  • Nano Photonics
  • Light-matter interaction
  • Quantum Technologies
  • PhD in Physics, 2008

    Imperial College London

  • BSc in Applied Physics, 2004

    Sharif University of Technology